island of shuna holiday lets, Scotland

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q - How big is the fridge-freezer? - A :The fridge part is a standard larder fridge and it has a freezer compartment roughly three times the size of an icebox in a standard fridge.

Q - Whats the best midge repellent? - A: We use a product from Avon called Skin-so-soft Dry Oil Body Spray - it is not sold as an insect repellent, but seems to work better than anything.

Q - Is there a lifejacket for our dog? - A : We provide full adult and child lifejackets, but if you need one for your dog please bring your own.

Q - Are there any laundry facilities - A : We now have a washing machine and dryer which can be made available on request. Standard laundrette rates apply.

Q - I've got really good quality walking boots, so do I really need to bring wellies ? - A: Super-duper SAS ultra-waterproof mega-boots last about 30 seconds walking across Shuna - we do 15 mile sheep gathers in the summer in wellies.

Q - Can we book use of canoes/sailing dinghies ?- A: No, Shuna isn't that sort of place - they are just there for everyones use all the time.

Q - Are there barbecues? - Part of the fun is building your own from available rocks etc - alternatively cheat and bring a couple of disposables

Q - Is there anywhere we can charge mobiles/ipods/laptops etc - A: Yes, we now have a charging room at the pier, just don't forget your chargers.

Q - Is the car parking safe - A: Yes, there have never been any problems with cars at our car park on the mainland

Q - Do you have any baby equipment ? - A: On request we will provide you with Travel Cot, High Chair, Fireguard, Stairgate and special baby Lifejacket

Q - Are there luggage space restrictions - A : No, bring as much as you think you will need, and we strongly suggest you bring all your food shopping with you on arrival day - this means that you will not have to waste time shopping on the mainland during your holiday. All your luggage is transported to your house from the Pier by tractor or quad bike. EXCEPT if you are at South End where no transport is available and you will have to carry everything approx 100 yards from the pier to the house.

Q - Do I need to pack in any special way? - A: The boat trip over is on largely open-decked boats which means that if the sea is rough or it is raining heavily luggage can get wet - we recommend covering luggage with bin liners to be sure it stays dry. Another tip is to use smaller rather than larger cases as these are easier to handle on and off the boats.


 "This place is just the best place for a great holiday! We have been three years in a row and will be back next year. Peace quiet rest and a fantastic pace of life." 

Yvonne Birks 

"Hi, yes it was absolutely stunning, enjoyed every moment! back now to normal life!!"

Lorraine Cruse



Paddling stealthily  

through silk seas 

we hold our breath 

as the otter surfaces. 


His log body floats across the waves 

head raised 

then with a flick  

he is gone 

long tail sliding into darker depths. 


Up again 

like a champagne cork 

bobbing and chomping 

on a luckless fish. 

We hear bones crunching. 


There’s snow in the air 

and the ridges are dusted 

like Christmas Stollen. 


A cloud the size of Scotland 

presses down on the heron’s languid flight 

and a rubber-headed seal 

pounces on a bouy 

a toy to play with in its loch-sized bath. 


Then hail hits the waves 

A pounding of diamonds 

Beautiful and sharp. 


Mica Schist captures the brilliance 

In its ripples 

Nature’s mirror ball 

Reflecting the rainbow’s fraying end. 


We float home 

with eiders whistling in our ears 

the urgent flock of redwings 

in the twinkling of our eyes 


our heads ablaze  

with birds and beasts and light. 


© Sally Brown